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Hopkins History Journal

The Hopkins History Journal is a high school student-run, peer-reviewed history research journal that provides high schoolers with an opportunity to have their exceptional work published. The journal was originally started in 2022 to showcase some of the research papers required in many Hopkins history courses, with the broader aims of providing more humanities opportunities to high school students, generating enthusiasm for the study of history, and promoting the diffusion and discussion of historical ideas.

About the Cover

This issue’s cover draws inspiration and images from several of the selected papers. I cre- ated it with the intent of merging the disparate subjects, moments in time, and cultures that Hopkins students take an interest in. An oversized loaf of Wonder bread sits in the center as an immediately recognizable symbol of the American diet—and its historic struggles to retain nutrition. Three soldiers from a photograph taken during the Polish-Soviet war sit on top of the loaf, and the sign for Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria hangs off it—the marker of one of the oldest of many businesses established by New Haven’s community of Italian immigrants. The elements surrounding the main image include material from anti-Polish propaganda from 1919 and Kinkaku-ji, a temple long essential to Japan’s national ‘essence.’ On the right stands Bill Ayers, co-founder of the Weather Underground. The prairie fire, while not the subject of a research paper, was inspired by one of the titles. Ideas, like wildfires, spread, and the research of Hopkins students is part of the crucial kindling.

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